Snow in April

What is the most far fetched idea you can think of? Write it down. Now think bigger. Bigger than that. BIGGER. Even B I G G E R. Write it all down.

Wednesday we had temperatures around 80. Saturday we had snow flurries and this morning I woke up to snow on the ground.

You see, what ever you are thinking, you probably are not thinking Big enough. Living in Indiana, the weather we experienced is not surprising, but it was certainly not what anyone would have imagined. Not even the Farmers Almanac

Well, the Point to all of this is that we are limited by our imagination more than anything or anyone else. So, take off the ropes and chains that are holding you back, and think B I G G E R!


Turning over a new leaf

Sometimes we know what needs to be done but we don’t do it. Why? Well perhaps we need a plan of action, a game plan, something more than wishful thinking. I can work defensively (where I am trying to either catch up, or try and fix mistakes) or offensively (where I am prepared and have most of my bases covered) If we are in the habit of playing defense, it can be a slow killer of the soul, of our spirit, until we have nothing left to offer but excuses. It takes repeated effort and determination to change to offense.

Now I know personally and professionally and have witnessed in others how this will effect your success in life. It is less stressful to move forward instead of trying to cover your tracks.

Ok, enough of this, how about some practical application:

1. Do you want more sales? Then contact more prospects. Plan ahead who you will contact, I’m talking about a list complete with phone numbers, and any other notes regarding that particular prospect that will move you forward.

2. Follow through. Actually make the calls, schedule a time to do it. Then do the follow up in a timely manner.

3. Or how about planning your wardrobe the night before? (Maybe you can plan 5 days worth on Sunday night!)

Then there are other habits, I’ve started to force myself to do. For some reason, my keys where ending up in a number of places and pockets. Now they always go in my right front pants pocket, until I come home then they have a special hook in the kitchen. Less unnecessary stress.

One last thought. If your life is like a pile of manure, you’ll attract flies. If it like a flower garden, you’ll attract honey bees. It’s your choice.

Words of Wisdom from the Wizard

It wasn’t until about six months ago that I ever heard of this guy who calls himself the “Wizard of Ads”, but the more I read, the more I like. My own training in radio advertising started nearly 20 years ago when I signed on with Crawford Broadcasting in Detroit. Until that time, I detested most ads, and didn’t trust radio salespeople. After all, I was the “air personality”, the mysterious man behind the microphone who had all the creative wit and could woo the women.(I better stop there, some tales are not meant for reading, only hearing.)

Don Crawford was in Philadelphia, managing 6 radio stations in 6 different cities and teaching with his weekly “Sales Bullets” and quarterly seminars his beliefs about sales and marketing. The standards that were set were High. But they were client focused not radio station focused I believe. Radio sales is simply connecting people(listeners) who are looking for places to spend their money with the places(businesses) to spend it. Unfortunately there are too many people in my business who do not understand this and they fail and give a bad name to the rest of us.

Roy Williams, the “Wizard of Ads” is another person who has collected bits of information and assembled in books, and CD’s to share with others. Here is a sample.