Turn it Up

$3500. Make it $4000. If that was what you needed and you had 2 days to find it could you? Would You? Sometimes deadlines motivate us to do what we would not have done without them. If you can do it in 2 days, then why not every 2 days?

The difference between hot water and steam is one degree. What are you going to do to get out of hot water and rise above like a cloud of steam?

Ask yourself these questions, and then ask others for help. Then go that extra degree.


Awards and rewards

This past week I was given an award for my work with one of the local Lions Clubs of which I joined last year. I was also inducted as a new member of the board of directors. Yes, a couple of nice feathers in my cap.

This past week I met with the owner of a small used car lot in town that I have known for the past couple of years. Last week we bought our 3rd car from him during this time frame. Dale told me how amazed he is at how much of his business is coming from referals. 80% the past few months!

While I was recieving my awards, Dale has been receiving his rewards. Both are nice but never confuse the two.

Decide who you are going to serve and then do it. The rewards will come and maybe a few awards too.

Getting started

My oldest daughter Rachael is trying to find her calling in life so to speak, and earlier this year had an interview with my boss, who told her she lacked the experience to do the job. This week she had an interview for sales and was told she was too young and did not have enough life experience. This time however, she convinced him to let her go through the training and prove herself. Ya know, how can a person get experience, if we don’t give them an opportunity? The lesson here for the applicant is to not give up and for those doing the hiring, look beyond the resume and see the person.
Time will tell as far as Rachael and her career in sales goes, but I admire her guts to fight to get ahead. Something all of us should practice everyday.