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You are doing a juggling act? Trying to keep all the balls in the air and life is changing and you are still juggling? And…. well click here and then click on THE BIG FINALE and you’ll see how it is REALLY done.


Prepare, Limits, and Sleep

Ok, three different subjects that are related.

1. Prepare. Years ago, (around 20) when I was working in Detroit, I came across Harvey MacKay and a book he wrote about swimming with sharks. Get it, Read it, Use what you can out of it. For a sample of his material get a copy of his MacKay 66 off his site and use it.

2. Limits. Recently a co-worker came to me and confessed fellings of being overwhelmed by the number of meetings we have. This is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that feeling of “overwhelmedness” will occur, no matter how prepared any of us become. So the key is to know what limits you are going to set for yourself. All successful and unsuccessful people have the same 24 hours a day to spend. Some of us have more “free time” than others. But the time we don’t have “free are due to choices that we have made. I have a Dale Carnegie class that takes 4 hours once a week, plus all the prep time. My employment keeps me busy anywhere from 50 to 70 hours weekly. Yet, I place limits on what I will do and try to make the best choices based on goals in my life and the lives of others.

3.Sleep. How much do you really need? Why? How much sleep do you get? Take a simple test that goes like this: Go to bed and wake up the next day on your own, without an alarm. Do not drink, or take anything that would cause the results to vary. Count the hours and minutes and that is your maximum sleep time. You can survive on less, much less. However, you need to also feel refreshed and recharged, so if 7 is your maximum, don’t try and survive on 4. The most important point I want to make is don’t use sleep as an excuse, instead know yourself and your bodies sleep requirement and then use that as a tool not as a limiting factor in your life.

This week’s Goodies

Jim Meisenheimer. Recomended by Jeff Gitomer in his recent Sales Caffine news letter which included the following article:

a guest column by…
Jim Meisenheimer – Time Management – The Ultimate Oxymoron

Get a grip. Is it possible to manage time? Can you make the clock run faster? Can you make it run slower? You have no control over time. Each of us begins the day with 1440 minutes and 86,400 seconds. It’s your personal inventory. You use the time or you lose the time.

There are simply no alternatives. Each week has 168 hours, no more and no less. While managing time is out, managing yourself is in. Remember, as Henry Ford once said, “Don’t complain, don’t explain.”

Here are ten techniques for achieving more in less time:

1. Get up 30 minutes earlier every day. Do the math and see how much extra time it gives you over the span of one year.

2. Take a course in self-management or priority management.

3. Commit to keeping a time log for one entire week. Record every activity and the time you give it. Your time busters will become very apparent.

4. Throughout the day, routinely and quietly ask yourself, “Am I making the very best use of my time right now?”

5. Never do one task if there is a more important one to be done. Never! Foregoing priorities gets you off track more than anything else. Look up the word “priority” in your dictionary.

6. Build flex time into every day’s schedule to allow for the unexpected. To do this is wise, not to do this is foolhardy.

7. Buy a timer. Time all phone calls, meetings, and projects. There is nothing more precious than your time. Don’t squander it, and don’t permit others to steal your time.

8. Set aside one hour every week getting rid of things (personally and professionally) you don’t need and can live with out. It’s called simplifying. Most of us have too much stuff that we can live without.

9. Take a few moments to write your own epitaph. Really do it. After you write it, look at it, and ask yourself, “Is this the life I’m leading?” It’s never too late to make changes in your life. (I take that back, it’s probably too late when someone else starts writing your epitaph.)

10. Learn to say NO! Try saying it firmly and softly at least once a day to any unreasonable requests.

There is a reason why you need more time. It’s because you’re attempting too much. Plan your life and plan your days. If you want more balance in your life . . . schedule it. Here’s a big tip if you want to take control of your time: keep a log of everything you do for a week. Just use a yellow legal pad and pencil. This isn’t high tech stuff. At the end of the week review your log. The changes you need to make will leap off the pages. It’s truly a no-brainer.

Let’s go sell something . . .

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Nope, no thanks, I changed my mind

How many of us haven’t heard that recently? It is our job to find out why. Is there something that we have done? Not done? Does it have nothing to do with us? Is there a way we can help no mater what the reason?

My goal is to develop at the minimum, advertising PARTNER relationships with my clients. This takes work. Time. Effort. No pitching the latest “deal” until I know why it would benefit my advertising partner.