Monday Night Markting News from Mediapost

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by Karl Greenberg

The new Facebook integration on and lets consumers who are building and configuring Buick and GMC vehicles save them in their own directory on the site and then share the configured vehicles with Facebook “friends” who can post comments or “like” their customized selections. …Read the whole story >>


by Aaron Baar

“It’s a big announcement, and it’s gotten a lot of press, so the attention’s been magnified,” Ted Marzilli, CEO of YouGov BrandIndex, tells Marketing Daily. “When you look at the metrics we track, they’ve moved in a statistically relevant negative way.” …Read the whole story >>


by Tanya Irwin

“Outdoor provides mass reach, but the campaign is really designed to target our loyal and less frequent customers (with boards strategically located near the restaurants) to create awareness of the new menu items, and provide a reason to visit again now,” Dailey President Tom Lehr tells Marketing Daily. …Read the whole story >>


by Sarah Mahoney

“I was surprised to see that consumers are treating grocery shopping as a sport now,” Pat Conroy, Deloitte’s vice chairman and U.S. consumer products practice leader, tells Marketing Daily in an email. “They are no longer feeling like victims and instead have a mindset that [says] ‘I can beat you at your own game when it comes to shopping in spite of you raising prices and decreasing package size’.” …Read the whole story >>

Packaged Goods

by Karl Greenberg

The truck, a bright purple affair, matches the color scheme and packaging of the newest Trojan vibrator product, the Twister. It is also meant to look like food vans plying the streets of New York that are all the rage in Manhattan and Brooklyn these days. The van is hitting nightspots in the two boroughs next week to show off the products and do some sex education on the side. …Read the whole story >>


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